Marshall Vs2000 Avt 275   2x12 Combo Amp



The Marshall AVT275 Combo Amp boasts the same 4 channels and 2 effects sections as the 150. Delivers 75W per side to 2 - 12" speakers, taking full advantage of the 2 effects sections to create a greater richness and depth of sound. The left and right speaker outputs can also be used to drive extension cabs. Using the headphone out with master volume down allows silent practice, and using the speaker emulated line outs with the master volume down allows silent recording. The effects loop also offers stereo returns. Like all the Marshall AVTs, the preamp section of the AVT275 combo amp is based on a 12AX7 tube and delivers great tone.

Marshall AVT275 - 4 Channels of Marshall Tone The AVT275 combo boasts more channels and features than any other Valvestate amplifier before. Its four channels are: Acoustic Simulator, Clean, Overdrive 1 and Overdrive 2.

  • Acoustic Simulator: As its name suggests, it transforms the sound of a standard electric guitar into that of an acoustic.
  • Clean: This incredibly versatile channel will take you from the cleanest clean to a natural, valve-induced crunch and anywhere in between. A Bright Switch enhances high-end cut at low Gain settings.
  • Overdrive 1: Takes you from the dynamic raunch of a 1959 Plexi to the larger-than-life crunch of a cranked JCM800. It also has a Scoop Switch which reconfigures the EQ to give you that classic, ride-the-lightning Thrash sound of the '80s.
  • Overdrive 2: Goes from the primal angst of a hot-rodded JCM800 to the most extreme gain ever found in a Marshall. The scoop switch on this channel produces the brutal, bone-crushing slam of modern ('Nu') Metal.

Marshall AVT275 Combo Amp Features:

  • 4 tube preamp channels
  • 2 effects sections
  • 75W per side to 2 - 12" speakers
  • Use left and right speaker outputs to drive extension cabs
  • Speaker emulated line outs
  • Effects loop with stereo returns

Marshall AVT275 Combo Amp Includes:

  • PEDL-00031 footswitch

I used this amp for about 2 years, and made a lot of good music with it.  It, as well as my SG VOODOO for sale on EBay, sat in storage the last 2 years.  I no longer need to have a stage/recording worth amp combo, as I only really play my acoustic now.  
You can use this amp is a variety of ways.  I used it two ways:  1.)  I ran my effects processor right through the effect loop, and bypassed the on-board effects (which sound great btw)... while we recorded and played live.  2.)  I ran the on-board effects and used the included foot-switch.  It was all about what mood I was in...  there are probably a few other ways you could use this amp, so the possibilities are vast.
The item condition is still great.  There are a couple very minor areas of wear on the cornering.  
Please feel free to send any questions my way.