Marshall Grill Cover Jcm 800 Amp Cabinet Half Stack. 4x12 Faded Brown


Marshall Grill Cover Jcm 800 Amp Cabinet Half Stack. 4x12 Faded Brown

For restoration project. 1980's half stack grill cover. I took this off my JCM 800 cabinet, it faded to a vintage brown. Maybe I'm insane but I just could not throw it away.  So for $1 you could have it. 
Most people will not restore or repair vintage equipment because it would detract from the value, so if your looking for an authentic JCM faded grill cover from the 80' here it is. It would match your faded JCM 800 amp head. It measures 30 x 29 1/2, it's in pretty good shape no holes in the front, the side are worn as you can see in the pic. I'll pack it in a large box so I won't put any folds in it. I hope somebody out there can use it and it goes to a good home. Cheers

From the Marshall Forum. I recently acquired a Marshall JCM 800 4 x 12 with brown (wheat?) grill cloth. It's in our storage/rehearsal studio at the moment, so I haven't pulled the back off of it yet, but played through it and it sounds great. Anyone know any details on these? Years? Probably speaker config? Kinda sounds like 75s, but I'm not sure. Any details would be appreciated. Thanks. I only played through it once, but was pleased. I know a fair amount about older Marshall cabs, but not much about these ones.

If it is actually a JCM800 cab, it is made between 1981 and 1990. If the speakers are stock, and it says JCM800 LEAD, then it's either loaded with G12-65s (1981 to 1983), or G12M-70s (1983 to 1986) or G12T-75s (1986 to 1990), if it is a Lead 1960 model cab. It might also be loaded with G12-80s (1981 to 1983) or G12H-100s (1983 to 1984), if its a high wattage model 1982 stage cab.

Also it is likely that the grill cloth is just heavily faded, which was very common on the earlier 800s cabs that had a poor quality dye on the grill cloth, or any later 800 cab that sat in direct sunlight for extended periods. Most all JCM800 guitar cabs were blackish grill cloth, that would turn a brownish-purple color over time. Some JCM 800 Bass cabs, though, had a brown grill cloth, but their metal tag on the front bottom of the grill usually say JCM800 BASS, and the speakers (65's or 80's) will have 444 cones.