1987 Marshall Lead 12 Mini Micro Stack Guitar Amp Head Uk Made 3005 Jcm800 Era


1987 Marshall Lead 12 Mini Micro Stack Guitar Amp Head Uk Made 3005 Jcm800 Era

This auction is for the Amp Head ONLY.  THE CABINETS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS AUCTION.  If you are interested in purchasing the entire stack, or the head and one speaker cabinet, you MUST bid on and win these items first!   Please keep in mind that shipping for the head and two cabinets combined can be EXPENSIVE and may require shipping in at least two packages to keep shipping costs at a minimum!  Shipping the whole mini/micro stack at once will incur charges based on 'dimensional weight' (size), so it may be more cost effective  and economical to ship in two packages, if not three.  Shipping costs will also vary due to DISTANCE, as well as size and weight. 

No Reserve!  Someone will win this Marshall Lead 12 Mini Stack Amp Head, why not you?

Up for auction is this 1987 (serial number starts with 'V') Made in England Marshall Lead 12 Model 3005 Guitar Amplifier Head, in good working condition.  This amp head was manufactured by Jim Marshall Products, Ltd., at Bletchley, Milton Keynes, England (UK).  This amp head features the same basic cosmetics as the JCM800 line, which should be no surprise--since this amp head was MADE at the same time as the original JCM800 line!  The amp covering is the typical Marshall 'elephant hide' type of the time, with a white logo on black grillcloth, white piping trim, and a gold-colored control panel.  According to Michael Doyle's 'The History of Marshall: The Illustrated Story of "The Sound Of Rock"', the Lead 12 was a favorite of guitarists, including Steve Lukather, and Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. 

Front panel controls are as follows: Gain, Volume, Treble, Middle, and Bass.  There is a 'High' and 'Low' Sensitivity Input jack to the front panel, and a power switch.  The back panel features a 'Mains Input' (for the power cord), two Loudspeaker Outputs, and one Headphone Output.  I do not have a headphone with a 1/4" jack, which is what is required to hook up to the amp head, so I cannot test the Headphone Output to see if it works or not.

Originally, this amp head came as a 'Mini Stack' (or 'Micro Stack', depending on who you ask) set with two matching speaker cabinets (speaker cabinets are NOT included here--I am offering these SEPARATELY, please see my other auctions) that contained one English made 10" Celestion G10D-25 16 Ohm speaker each.  This amp comes with a power cord, no speaker cables are included, and again NO speaker cabinets or speakers are included for this auction.

Below are the specifications for the Lead 12 Model 5005 combo version--I believe that the specs for the Model 3005 should be similar if not identical:

Input Sensitivity:  Low 0.2mV.

                            High 0.1mV.

Tone:  Treble     5 KHz-30dB, mid control down.

            Middle    450 Hz-17dB, treble and bass full

            Bass       100 Hz-25dB, mid control down

In using this amp, I notice very little background hiss or noise, unless the Volume and Gain controls are set at or near maximum; and even then I do not think that it is obvious unless you are listening closely for it.  There is scratchiness/static sounds when turning the 'GAIN', 'VOLUME' and 'TREBLE' controls, especially the 'GAIN' control; but none that I can detect once the controls are set and left alone.  The Low Sensitivity input jack may have been replaced by a previous owner (who did NOT inform me of this, BTW), as the interior of the jack is silver and not black, like the High Sensitivity input jack, please see photos.  The amp is a little dusty, but I can see no obvious fading to the grillcloth.

Please read the terms of the auction below.

Terms of the auction:

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